Our UK order fulfilment hub is centrally located in Birmingham on a secure gated site. Only a few miles from Birmingham International Airport and close to large national courier hubs and the motorways only one mile away.

It all begun with a simple principle of customer service and has now evolved into one of the fastest growing e-commerce fulfilment providers in Europe.

Rapid Pack is committed to providing a superior experience for both you as our client and to your customers. As a leading online e-commerce fulfilment provider we offer a range of unique order e-fulfilment services, which will help drive your brand forward. You focus on growing your brand and let us focus on shipping out orders efficiently and seamlessly to your customers.

It’s often easier to move a large quantity of items at a faster rate than it is to move smaller numbers of packages. Our e-commerce solutions utilise industry leading technology, processes and infrastructure which have been created to provide the most competitive prices for our customers. We will combine speed with a simple user interface so you can focus on your core task of growing your business.

With smart technology and a team of passionate humans, we solve the problems no other fulfilment company can.

Our Mission

When you have more time to focus on what you enjoy doing, it frees your mind up to grow your business.

Online Dashboard.

Access your orders easily, check what is being picked and any orders that may have an issue. You can access all your invoices and make changes as required in one place.

Inventory Control.

You can rely on live stock figures with constant on time updates – as soon as an order has been loaded in from Shopify, the new live stock level is updated on all your stores, so no worrying about selling items you don’t have and disappointing your customers.

Accurate stock

No unhappy customers

Here for you

High levels of support


Systems checked every 15 minutes

Customers love us

Our clients’ customers love them

Carrier Integrations.

Because of the number of orders we handle, we have established relationships with all the major distribution companies and have negotiated the best possible shipping rates.

In fact, we strongly believe that the savings you will make on shipping costs alone will be greater than the cost of picking and packing your orders.

Ready to get started?

Take the step to focus on your business, not in it. Let us handle the shipping of orders for you.

Now you can be in business for yourself and not by yourself. Our fulfilment technology enables you to focus on what matters most.