Our straightforward, simple approach to pricing has revolutionised the fulfilment industry. Each customer accesses the same competitive tariff and volume discounts, which are automatically applied every week. Rapid Pack makes scaling your online business easy.

How Our Pricing Works


This is the cost for picking & packing an order, including the two items. Shipping and packaging fees are not included. From £1.20 depending on volume of orders shipped per month. We have no minimum number of orders required per month.


This is the pick and pack price for any additional items (20p each) IN THE SAME ORDER. So a 3 item order would cost £1.20 + 20p = £1.40. If you regularly have large quantity or B2B orders contact us for a different rate.


We charge per order for packaging*, which includes both infill and outer materials plus despatch courier info and despatch notes.

*Packaging via grey mailing bag is free, other size boxes and packaging there is a fee.


We scan EVERY product you send to us into the warehouse. We do not charge to receive your products.

Do you need an ecommerce fulfilment quote?

We’ve spent years pruning and growing our online order fulfilment skills. Let us handle this for you, so you can focus on building your awesome brand.

Here at Rapid Pack we are so sure you will love how you regain your time from packing orders, that we offer a free one month trial. You only pay for the postage and packaging. The pick, pack and storage is on us! (Some terms do apply, of course)