Let’s Get Going

Enter some details about your business, your current order volumes and your goals for the future.

We’ll set you up on our Rapid Pack system and from there you can start adding your products.  You can add them one by one or in bulk. You will configure them with your unique product ID or barcode, and we will give you some information on how they need to be labelled.

Time to ship us your precious cargo. You can either send them yourself or straight from your manufacturer. Again, we’ll give you information on what you need to provide to ensure a seamless booking in process. Once received we can usually have the items booked in and ready for picking within 24 hours.

We are now ready to process your orders. When orders come in from your website in they will appear on our system and go straight to picking. You can keep track of all your orders in one seamless dashboard, see what orders are being picked and picked as well as any we are holding such as for fraud review or customs issues. Customer tracking numbers are sent automatically to your store.

Billing is super simple and clear. We charge daily based on the actual volumetric space your items take up as well as the days orders picked and packed. Any one off fees such as barcode labelling, item rework or kitting will be shown separately and clearly to avoid any confusion. We recommend setting up a direct debit to ensure no hassle billing and to avoid any delays to your orders

That’s it. You’re all set up. Your customers will love their new quick order fulfilment and transparent delivery information and you can get back to building your brand and conquering  your dreams!

Some of our clients’ favourite features with Rapid Pack

Increased Visibility

You have your own dashboard which shows exactly what the status of an order is, 100% transparency

A partner who’s always there

Selling online can be a lonely place at times and there’s often no where to sound off ideas. Well look no further, we don’t just expertly ship your boxes. We have run countless stores in the past and also see what other brands really do well. We’ll let you know if we have any ideas for you and are always around if you want to ask anything

Get Personal

We offer incredible personalised despatch cards. Forget scrappy A4 paper, our completely personalised full colour folder cards create an incredible brand experience

Fraud Alerting

We can automatically hold orders that are flagged by your e-commerce platform such as Shopify, we will also alert you of any orders we think might be trouble based on our experience