Shopify order fulfilment
Shopify Order Fulfilment

Shopify Order Fulfilment


Initial Info

Provide us with some basic information about your brand, products & needs. Complete our sign up process and be up and running within an hour.

We will send you a clear proposal with easy to understand pricing so no shocks.

Sending in inventory
Import products shopify

Import your data

No double entry or time consuming process. Once your Shopify store is connected, your products, shipping methods and orders will come through automatically.

You can add more information to each product and even use the system to send purchase orders to suppliers.

Send your items in

The quicker you can send the items to us the sooner we can start. You can send to us, have the items sent from your manufacturer or we can provide a quote to collect, hassle free. Once your items arrived we check them in and let you know we are ready to go.

Sending in your items

Ready to go

Once you give us the go ahead, we will start shipping your orders for your customers. As they are shipped your Shopify store will be updated with the tracking numbers.

You can follow the progress of an order throughout it’s journey.

Keep track

As your items come and out of our centres your Shopify store will be keep up to date with the latest inventory levels. You can also check our system for the live stock levels and see everything that is going on for your brand.

Ready to grow your business?

Request information today, we will get you set up on our portal & ready to ship.


As soon as an order is placed on your Shopify store, the order is automatically transferred to the Rapid Pack fulfilment centre. Our Shopify experienced team is quickly notified of the new pending order that needs to be despatched. The Rapid Pack team will then carefully pick, pack and despatch the order to your customer the same day.


We are not just a Shopify 3PL, we are a team that has designed, built and run Shopify brands too. We know what you and your customers need, the information on the orders and where it is in the picking process, the ability for customer service to amend the orders and have total oversight of your stock levels and billing. We have built our systems to make your life easier.


It likely doesn’t come as much of a surprise that most brands look to use Shopify 3PL fulfilment services when scaling their business however many of them make the decision too late. If orders are fluctuating too much or rising rapidly and you don’t have enough time in the day it is likely time to consider it. Make the change before customer service takes a hit and dents your business growth plans.

Shopify Pick & Pack Services

Once we connect up your Shopify store(s) we will automatically be able to import your order as they come in. Orders received before 3PM will be despatched the same day, if you require a later order cut off time we can discuss this. Our modern warehouse management system keeps all your order and stock levels synced and consistent to avoid the fears of over-selling. You can keep an eye on your stock levels to avoid out-of-stock issues and keep your sales coming in. As orders flow through our system you can monitor them at every level, deal with any order issues such as VAT, duty or excess shipping costs or to report possible fraudulent orders to stop the dispatch. Our cloud-based Shopify fulfilment system is available 24/7 so you and your team are always in the loop.