If you want to get a thorough grasp of how well your business is doing, we have found no better solution than Order Metrics. It is fully integrated with Shopify stores, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Amazon and eBay marketplace.

Once connected, it will bring in your orders automatically every day. You can input or import your cost prices, which allows it to work out your gross profit. Enter settings, such as transaction fees/card fees, as well as adding a range of custom spends, such as your rent, fixed delivery costs, utilities, staff and the like. It can also import advertising spend on Google, Facebook, Bing, Amazon ads & Snapchat. This advertising spend is bought in, along with the custom spends, and your cost of goods to give true live profitability of orders channels and by a range of date periods.

Check the individual profitability of every order, every channel, and every product, make tweaks to improve your profitability, find better prices with suppliers or drop unprofitable products. Analyse your marketing and look for ways to improve advertising spend and get better ROAS by finding which advertising channels working best for you. The wealth of data is almost endless, yet the information is highly visible and clear.

Not only does Order Metrics have a great online dashboard there is also mobile apps so you can check on the move how you’re doing for the day, week, month, last year.. We also love the concise daily email that can be sent to an unlimited range of recipients. Keep your team all abreast of the key stats for your sites and if you’re like us, you’ll scroll to the bottom every day to see your true Net Profit for the day. The daily email also lists any orders with negative margins which you should check such as low margin or high shipping costs.

There’s no point in just selling online, or using pure vanity numbers such as gross revenue and gross profit. You need to know the true bottom line, where you are making money and where you can improve. We can find no better place, and order metrics.

Published On: October 20, 2020 / Categories: Order Metrics /

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