Pick & Pack Services UK

Our flexible and affordable e-commerce pick and pack services are just one of the reasons our customers choose Rapid Pack Fulfilment over our competitors.

Rapid Pack provides a warehouse solution for companies that want to sell online. We pick and pack your orders so you don’t have to!

Here’s why you should consider Rapid Pack Fulfilment for your e-commerce storage, Pick & Pack & Ship.

What does Pick and Pack even mean?

Pick and Pack services are where your products such as Makeup, Clothing, Gifts etc are sent into a warehouse that checks and enters your items onto their warehouse management system. Once the items are correctly counted they are made available to you with the accurate numbers so you can sell them online such as on a Shopify store or Amazon marketplace. From there the outsourced warehouse waits diligently for an order and as soon as one is received on your site it appears on the pick and pack warehouse system and a picker (either a person or a robot) is sent out to collect the item(s). The items will be located and scanned for their barcodes and each item placed on a picking trolley until the whole order is picked. The orders are then received back at a packing station whereby a warehouse packer again checks the items and then packs them and applies the correct shipping label ready for your customer.

Competitive rates

We are connected with the UK’s biggest couriers and parcel networks expanded into Europe and worldwide. Our large volumes of post and parcels entering the systems every day means we get the very best rates which we pass on to our customers.

You will pay less for your postage rates than going it alone and twinned with our very competitive pick and pack rates from only £1.20 per order it’s truly a win win for your business. Better still by outsourcing your pick and pack to a third party logistics (3PL) such as us you can rest easy knowing it’s all sorted and you can get back to building your brand.

The Pick & Pack UK Warehouse you have been searching for!

Here at Rapid Pack Fulfilment; Pick & Pack is our bread and butter. It’s what we do best and we love doing it well for our clients and their customers. Our order import system is seamless and our pickers highly experienced and trained in using our accurate stock picking systems. We know the value of your word to your customer and ever increasing expectations they have. So, we are geared up and ready to support your business and to pick and pack on time, every time.

Searching for reliable pick and pack companies?

Consider the following when looking for a pick & pack order fulfilment partner:

  • Can they connect to your store such as Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Amazon & eBay
  • Is their warehouse geared up for pick and pack? It is very different to standard pallet storage and infrequent orders. They need to be able to deal with spikes of orders and carefully pick each item correctly
  • Do they require barcoding? Most pick and pack companies need you to have your items barcoded
  • What shipping and courier services do they offer?
  • Are they able to provide branded packaging options for your pick and pack orders?
  • Is there a dashboard whereby you can add orders manually and check the status of each order and spot any issues on orders such as customs data missing or potential fraudulent orders

Transparent Pick & Pack Dashboard

With Rapid Pack Fulfilment you can see the status of each and every order at every stage of its pick, pack and despatch process.

We have been e-retailers too so we know the value of a simple, easy to understand order dashboard. When you have an important client or someone in a rush for an item, you need to know when and where the order is, when it has been allocated, picked, packed and shipped along with the correct tracking link.

You can access all this data in one easy place in the Rapid Pack portal.

With our expertise in ecommerce fulfilment, we have helped many businesses around the world grow their online sales. We’d love to help you too.

Spend more time on your business and less money on your logistics.