Providing effective fulfilment operations, saving your business time and money.

Pick & Pack Accuracy


Time to Pick & Pack

3.43 Minutes on average

Potential fulfilment savings

40+ Percent

Empowering the dreams of small business owners.

Here at Rapid Pack, we live and breathe e-commerce and have launched e-commerce brands multiple times in the past. We have been there with our kitchen and bedrooms overflowing with boxes and having to make trips to the post office several times a day. We have also had the pain of opening our own warehouse and then out growing it as a retailer. That is why we started Rapid Pack as we could not find a suitable order fulfilment company that understood our needs and problems. Selling online is about being able to rapidly scale up and meet ever increasing customer demands.

We provide more than just packing boxes. We provide support, encouragement and ideas. We will let you know if we think an order might be fraudulent, we help you bolster your brand with personalised packaging and offers, we notice ways you could improve your average order value and can help with ways to minimise returns.

We are not just your order fulfilment partner; we are invested in seeing you succeed and truly thrive without all the headache and distractions of packing boxes night and day.

Shopify Focussed Fulfilment

Rapid Pack is a Shopify centric fulfilment specialist. This means we Pick, Pack and Ship your products to your customers as efficiently as possible. No-fuss, no headaches, just stream-lined intelligent automated operations. Join us today and accelerate your growth.

Live Carrier System

Our integrated carrier system constantly keeps an eye on delays, issues and prices and can adapt your orders to ensure the best delivery experience for your customers while providing the best prices to you from the highest rated and reliable carriers.

Multichannel Order Fulfilment

We primarily focus on Shopify stores as we find that is where most of our clients host their e-commerce stores but we can connect to almost all popular e-commerce platforms and web connected systems with suitable APIs. Focusing on Shopify allows us to ensure our connections are robust, fast and include all the extra information your website and customers provide.
Other platforms we have connected to in the past include Linnworks, BigCommerce, Magento, Etsy, eBay, Amazon, Volusion and more.

Crystal Clear Dashboard

Whether you are processing your Shopify, B2C orders or your B2B orders our Rapid 3PL system will keep everything up to date and synchronised whilst giving you access to insights and information on your orders.

Absolute  Accuracy

Everything we do is about at accuracy. From receiving where we take a picture, weigh your item and check the barcodes to the persistent scanning of barcodes as we pick, process and pack your orders. Whether it is a single item order or a large multiple order, we take the time and care to check the items match what they should be and are not damaged. We do another final checking at the packing stage to ensure it all looks spot on.

So why us?

The low down on our favourite features & functionality

Rapid Pack Order Fulfilment 3PL
  • Wide Range of Pick & Pack Services

  • Simple, seamless connection to Shopify & Shopify Plus stores. We are Shopify partners and experts in fulfilling Shopify stores. Shopify Partners Fulfilment

  • Transparent order dashboard where you can see the live status of each order
  • Live carrier rate checking to ensure the most efficient postage option
  • Branding support – make each package yours with your own packaging and unique personalised packing slips
  • Tracking details sent back to your store automatically and tracking dashboard available to your customers

  • Your business partner, we want to help you grow and perform. We provide tips and guidance to bolster your brand and wow your customers
  • Wide range of couriers including Royal Mail, DPD, DHL, UPS & Amazon Logistics. We are based 1 mile from the M6 with rapid transport links across the UK. We are also located within 10-15 minutes of couriers national hubs.

  • We grow and expand with you. We constantly improve our operations as well as capacity to always ensure we can quickly fulfil your orders

Other 3PLs

  • No focus on an ecommerce platform, offering to connect to one and all. Often means limited scope and performance.

  • Hard to find out the status of an order resulting in frustration from your customers.

  • Limited shipping options or using the preferred method of the 3PL regardless of which is best for you

  • Items are also shipped plain packaging only and with no unique personalisation for the customers to make them feel special

  • Hard to get hold of anyone and having to always go through a ticket system

  • No additional support or advice on how to grow your brand. Just another client to ship boxes for.

  • Locations far from courier hubs and transport links
  • Limited space with no plans for storage expansion

Do you need an ecommerce fulfilment quote?

We’ve spent years pruning and growing our online order fulfilment skills. Let us handle this for you, so you can focus on building your awesome brand.